Campfire Chefs: Campfire Dinners by Featured Chefs

Does your mess kit come with an amuse-bouche plate?

Throughout the Summer

They come to Greenough, Montana, from all over the country with one singular mission. These seasoned and highly sought-after chefs are tasked with helping to ensure that your in-camp culinary experience is as unforgettable as the panoramic views you see from the deck of your tent.

Visit Paws Up during one of our Campfire Chefs campfire dinners, and not only will you savor every bite of their delectable cuisine, but you’ll also get to dish with them about subjects such as how to create a seasonally inspired menu or the best way to turn foraged mulberries into a refreshing sorbet. 

Just picture yourself now: After a day of wilderness adventures, you’ll be dining on the cuisine of a James Beard Award semifinalist or a Bravo Top Chef finalist. And the best part is, no jacket required.

All Campfire Chefs events are complimentary and are included in your stay.