Glamping Vacations at Moonlight Camp

The Most Picturesque

Available May to mid-October, Moonlight Camp is a Greetings from Montana! postcard come to life. Located in a quiet, secluded area of the Ranch, it’s the idyllic place to sink back into Adirondack chairs and enjoy a view of the iconic Lookout Rock and a sweeping meadow surrounded by purple-hued mountains. Take a short stroll to picturesque riverfront hiking trails, go for a bike ride, play horseshoes and revel in this quintessential glamping retreat—a perfect option for those seeking a tranquil setting to breathe in all of Montana’s beauty.

Moonlight Camp Map

Moonlight Camp

  • 1
    The Wild Bunch
    2 Bedrooms
  • 2
    Rattlesnake Jake
    1 Bedroom
  • 3
    Dutch Henry
    2 Bedrooms
  • 4
    Big Nose George
    2 Bedrooms
  • 5
    The Pigeon-Toed Kid
    2 Bedrooms
  • 6
    Long Haired Owens
    1 Bedroom
  • 7 Dining Pavilion
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