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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I fly into and how far away is the closest airport to The Resort? A: Missoula International Airport (MSO), which is 35 miles from our property.

Q: What does an average day look like? A: Your vacation with us can be whatever you would like it to be! However, you can view a sample itinerary here: Concierge Services.

Q: Is there a weight limit for horseback riding? A: We recommend a weight limit of 250 pounds; however, the requirement is more so about the ability to get on and off of a horse easily and safely.

Q: Does The Resort make exceptions for children under 8 years old for wilderness adventures? A: For children who are close to their eighth birthday, there are some exceptions that can be made for activities. We do reserve the right to make that decision based on safety. There are also activities available for children under 8 years old.

Q: Do you ever see wildlife near the camps? A: In the camps, you can typically see squirrels, groundhogs and whitetail deer.

Q: Do the Luxury Homes have a butler? A: Butlers are exclusive to our luxury glamping camps.

Q: Are all activities an additional cost? A: We offer many inclusive activities, depending on the season. Activities that require a guide usually include an additional cost.

Q: Can you do laundry at the camps? A: Yes! Each camp has a laundry facility.

Q: What are the main differences between the tents and the homes? A: Our tents are luxury safari-style accommodations that range from 1–3 bedrooms. Each camp features six tents and a Dining Pavilion. The luxury homes are Montana-style accommodations ranging from 2–4 bedrooms that feature private hot tubs, flat-screen TVs and a personal Kia Soul.

Q: Are my kids too young to go to Paws Up? A: No child is too young to come to Paws Up! We offer many kids’ activities as well as nanny and babysitting services.

Q: Why Paws Up? Why Montana? A: The Resort at Paws Up and Montana both offer unique experiences and the opportunity to create lifelong memories.

Q: Is The Resort just for families? A: The Resort offers many different activities and accommodations for both families and couples. We host many weddings, honeymoons and even all-adult events!

Q: Do the tents have electricity, fans and air conditioning? A: The luxury tent accommodations have electricity, heat, air conditioning and ceiling fans.

Q: What is the minimum night-stay requirement? A: In the summer months, we require a 4-night minimum stay, and in the fall/winter/spring, we require a 2-night minimum stay (except for special events and holidays).

Q: If we don’t use the meal plan or beverage plan each day, do we get a discount? A: Since meal plans and beverage plans are built into the price of a stay, we don’t offer discounts for not using them.

Q: Are the tents and luxury homes in different areas of the property? A: The camps are located about 4 miles away from the Paws Up Village, and the homes are located about a half-mile to a mile from the main village.

Q: Are the tents soundproof? A: While not soundproof, our tents are spaced apart from each other in a way that allows for limited sound exposure from neighboring tents.

Q: Are there certain days of the week I have to arrive and depart? A: We don’t have an arrival or departure requirement, only a minimum number of nights guests must stay with us.

Q: Am I able to keep food and drinks in my tent? A: We don’t allow food in our tents in order to help keep animals out.

Q: Are we able to stop and get groceries on the way to The Resort? A: Absolutely! You can either stop in Missoula on your way to The Resort or provide us with a grocery list. We can have the items ready for you when you arrive.

Q: Can you take us to Glacier or Yellowstone? A: We can take you to the national parks. However, we can’t provide tours inside of the parks themselves. We highly recommend visiting them before or after your stay with us so you can see all of the parks, rather than trying to squeeze visits into one day.

Q: Is there a golf course nearby? A: The Double Arrow Golf Course in Seeley Lake is located roughly 20 minutes from our property.

Q: Do you provide more Kias or a bigger vehicle for larger families? A: If we have availability, large families can rent additional Kias for $50 per Kia, per day.

Q: Can we have a car at the camps? A: Because parking at the camps is very limited and used by staff, we highly recommend using our complimentary transportation service to those staying in our camps.

Q: How long does it take to get to the main village from the camps? A: It takes about 15 minutes to drive from the camps.

Q: How do I set up my transfers to the airport? Are transfers from the airport private? A: Your personal concierge will collect your flight information and arrange transfers to and from the airport. Depending on when guests’ flights come in, there may be more than one party in the same transportation. Private transfers can be arranged upon request.