Luxury Winter Spa

Say “ahhh” at the spa’s new winter home.

October through May

Few things can compete with Spa Town®, where bird songs and whispering pines lull you into a state of complete tranquility. But winter’s chill shouldn’t dampen your spirit. Our relaxing spa services simply migrate indoors to a new luxury winter spa location inside the authentic and expansive Morris Ranch House.

The Winter Spa at the Morris Ranch House offers an elegant Western atmosphere, setting the stage for extensive pampering and deep relaxation. This seasonal home is a welcoming retreat, where you can warm up with a Blackfoot River Rocks hot stone massage or surrender to a rejuvenating pumpkin enzyme treatment. Our full menu of luxe spa treatments is guaranteed to banish those winter blues.

Chocolate Sea Salt Scrub

The indulgent smell of chocolate will take your senses to the next level. This chocolate-infused sea salt scrub will slough off dead skin cells and leave you feeling rejuvenated for the new year. The treatment starts with a scrubbing from head to toe or just the hands and feet. Then you will shower and the therapist will apply a caramel-infused body lotion.  

30-minute treatment: $110
60-minute treatment: $220

Matcha Tea Face Massage

Using an ancient green tea, this treatment will leave your face feeling toned and clean. Matcha tea is antiaging and antimicrobial and helps clear acne and tone the skin. This treatment starts with a GM Collin cleansing milk, and then a matcha tea mask is applied. While the mask is setting, you will receive a hand or foot massage. The mask is then removed, and a toner is applied. Then a coconut matcha tea face lotion is applied to the skin, followed by eye cream and lip balm to complete the treatment.

30-minute treatment: $150
60-minute treatment: $300

Apple Brown Butter Hot Stone Massage

This aromatic massage will remind you of Christmas morning.  An apple-infused brown butter oil will be applied with hot stones as you drift into absolute relaxation.  The oil alleviates dry skin and relieves stress as you enter into bliss.

60-minute treatment: $250
90-minute treatment: $375

Mistle Toes

This treatment starts with a foot scrub made with pine needles, lavender and peppermint extract that will leave your toes feeling tingly. The therapist then removes the scrub and applies a cinnamon salve to the feet using reflexology techniques to help unwind your twinkle toes.

15-minute treatment: $75
30-minute treatment: $130

Add Ons

No charge added into treatment time.

Candy Cane Lip Scrub

Crushed candy canes with sugar and sunflower oil are applied to the lips to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Then a peppermint-infused lip balm is applied.

Peppermint Scalp

Invigorate your scalp with this organic avocado and grape-seed oil infused with peppermint oil. It is applied with vigorous strokes and acupressure points on the scalp and neck to rejuvenate the scalp, relieve tension and leave you completely relaxed.