The Super Bowl Of Super Bowl Parties

Watch the Big Game in a very big way.

February 1–3, 2019

Super Bowl LIII fever is going to hit The Resort at Paws Up so hard, it may just melt the snow. Come February, we’ll kick things off with parties and wilderness adventures. Imagine huddling with friends, fans and former football players to discuss snowmobiling tactics. And sure, some players could hit a wide receiver at 50 yards, but can they hit a clay pigeon? Find out.

Oh, did we mention the tailgating? It won’t be chips smothered in artificial cheese. Nope, we’ll be serving up beefy and bison-y masterpieces, custom-crafted sausages and jerky and, well, anything else that strikes our world-class chef as Super-Bowl-worthy. In fact, every meal Executive Chef Sunny Jin creates scores extra points with our guests.

Do we have big screens for the Big Game? More like the Fridge size. Bonfires? You bet. Plus, you’ll retire to accommodations that are far comfier than any corporate skybox. It all adds up to a very good reason to put the big LIII on your calendar. And forget about Atlanta; the place to watch it is in Montana.

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