Thank You for Smoking and Cowgirl Cuisine

Featuring Author and Chef Paula Disbrowe

September 10–13, 2020

Paula Disbrowe doesn’t horse around when it comes to cooking. This cowgirl chef and BBQ expert will be serving a roundup of some of the tastiest ranch-inspired recipes from her cookbook Cowgirl Cuisine and her acclaimed BBQ bible Thank You for Smoking. She’ll share some of her tips and tricks for imparting smoky nuances and down-home comfort to everything from meat and fish to unique starters and decadent desserts. This Cookbook Live® event, coinciding with Cowgirl Spring Roundup, will have you ready to bring the flavor of the ranch right into your home.

All Cookbook Live® events are complimentary and included in your stay.

Thank You For Smoking and Cowgirl Cuisine

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