• Winterfest

Winter Packing List

Snow Pants and Jackets

  • You will probably do most of your activities in snow pants and jackets, including horseback riding.

Wool Layers and Socks

  • Multiple layers are your best bet for staying warm. A wool-base layer with fleece, flannel or down as a secondary layer should guarantee you a toasty, warm vacation! We recommend SmartWool products.

Snow Gloves or Mittens with a Waterproof Outer Shell

  • Fleece is only comfortable when it’s dry, so fleece gloves are not a good option for snow play.
  • If you prefer something thinner to ride in, we recommend Burton glove liners, which provide some thickness and warmth without the bulk of a ski or snowboard glove.

Snow Boots

(Insulated Boots Recommended)
  • You’ll be doing just about everything in snow boots. We recommend Sorel or North Face boots. (Please note: UGG boots are very fashionable, and most people love that they have a wonderful shearling lining, but their soles are slick and provide limited traction, thus making them impractical for walking around the resort. In addition, UGG boots are not waterproof.)

Ski Goggles

  • You’ll use these for a myriad of ranch activities, including for tubing and sledding, dog sledding, snowmobiling, etc.

Warm Hats, Scarves, Headbands and Balaclava

  • Make sure your hat covers your ears!

Paws Up Provides:

  • Ice skates and hockey skates (and hockey sticks!)
  • Non-insulated slickers for riding (such as windbreakers)
  • Helmets
  • Hand and toe warmers
  • Yaktrax

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