Summer Mountain Vacation Packing List

For all activities, guests should bring the following items included in this packing list for summer mountian vacations, including appropriate sunscreen for their skin type. Wide-brim hats and sunglasses are also important for bright days. Every activity takes place in beautiful scenery, so most guests find a camera or video recorder an absolute necessity as well.


  • Shorts are recommended for hiking and water activities.
  • We advise that you do not wear cotton or denim shorts, as they are restrictive and uncomfortable when wet.


  • Kids attending camp will need swimsuits every afternoon for lake and river adventures.
  • All guests are recommended to have swimsuits for all of The Resort’s water-related activities, such as whitewater rafting, lake-house activities, kayaking and canoeing, for example.

Water shoes

  • Water shoes are recommended for kids attending camp and for all of our water-based activities. While flip-flops are convenient, they do not secure to feet. We recommend Keen-brand or Chaco-brand water shoes.

Jeans and quick-dry pants

  • All guests will need to wear jeans or quick-dry pants for horseback riding and ATV adventures. If you’re looking for great quick-dry pants, we recommend PrAna or Patagonia.

Closed-toed shoes

  • Closed-toe shoes are required for all ATV and horseback activities, as well as for biking and paintball. They are also recommended for hiking.


  • Cowboy hats are acceptable, but they require a stampede string to be attached, which can be purchased at the Wilderness Outpost.

Layering jackets and rain jackets

  • Thin and non-insulated rain jackets, which can be stuffed into saddlebags, ATVs and rafting dry bags are recommended, just in case.
  • The Wilderness Outpost has a small selection of “slickers” and kids’ rain gear, which can be borrowed while participating in activities.

Light layers

  • Thin and noninsulated rain jackets, which can be stuffed into saddlebags, ATVs and rafting dry bags, are recommended. The Wilderness Outpost has a selection of “slickers” and kids’ rain gear, which can be borrowed while participating in activities.
  • Morning and evenings are chilly, so we recommend layering, with a lightweight wool second layer, such as a fleece or a mid-weight shell, and a down top layer, which you can take off as the day warms up. We recommend Patagonia down products.


  • While Paws Up does provide sunscreen at the Wilderness Outpost, we understand that many folks have sensitive skin and may require a special brand. Please provide your own preferred sunscreen.


  • We recommend that all guests bring polarized sunglasses.

We provide the following:

  • Sunscreen
  • Noninsulated slickers and rain gear
  • Wet suits
  • Splash tops
  • Helmets for horseback rides and ATV adventures
  • Buffs for ATV trips
Summer at Paws Up


Dressing in layers is essential during the summer—thin, synthetics nearest to the skin, mid-weight fleece layers next, covered with waterproof shells. (During the middle of the summer, many of these layers will be unnecessary; one extra layer should suffice.) Cool mornings will require warm outfits. As days warm up, unnecessary layers can be shed. Typically, the warmest temperatures will be between 1PM and 5PM. If bad weather rolls in, insulating layers may be added. The Wilderness Outpost does not recommend wearing cotton instead of modern synthetics. Once damp, cotton will not hold warmth and will make the body very cold. Newer synthetics, however, continue to heat the body even when wet. Examples include polypropylene items, such as Capilene from Patagonia or VaporWick from North Face.

For all activities, guests should bring appropriate sunscreen for their skin type. Wide-brim hats and sunglasses are also important for bright days. Every activity takes place in beautiful scenery, so most guests find a camera or video recorder an absolute necessity as well.

Rafting (Alberton Gorge or Blackfoor River)

While immensely fun, rafting trips include a lot of splashing and cold water. (The water temperature will be considerably warmer by mid-July). The Wilderness Outpost does have neoprene wetsuits and socks, splash tops, neck warmers and gloves for guests. Life vests, towels and dry bags for extra gear (cameras, sweaters, sunscreen, etc.) will also be provided by the guide for rafting activities. A rafter should wear a bathing suit. DO NOT WEAR COTTON.

Over the bathing suit, any additional non-cotton items the guest would like to wear for warmth are encouraged. If a rafter becomes too warm, these outer layers can be shed and placed in a dry bag. The life vest and splash top that the Wilderness Outpost provides offer great insulation.

A well-prepared rafter should also have a pair of sandals, water shoes or old sneakers that can get wet. The provided socks do not have soles, so a sturdy foot bed can be important at river’s edge. Flip-flops are not ideal for rafting as they easily come off the feet and can be lost. Sandals should cinch over the top of the foot as well as the heels.


This activity does not involve as much splashing as rafting does. If a guest is participating in this activity in May or early June, long pants and a light layer on top are suggested. However, from late June through the end of the season, the guest will be comfortable in shorts and a lightweight shirt. Of course, a light windbreaker or rain jacket can also be handy in case conditions deteriorate during the tour. The Wilderness Outpost will supply towels, life vests and dry bags for any extra gear.

Sandals, water shoes or old sneakers are necessary for this trip as it does include a 1.5-mile walk (which is very easy and completely level) following the canoeing section. Flip-flops do not provide the necessary support for this walk.

Lake activities

Swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen, water shoes or sandals, shorts, a brimmed hat, sunglasses and a light jacket are all that a guest should need for the Lake House. Towels are provided.


Fishing is a cross of rafting and canoeing, as far as appropriate dressing is concerned. If a guest is scheduled for a full day fly-fishing trip, he or she should be prepared for a chilly early morning, warmer temperatures in the afternoon and perhaps a cool early evening. Layering will enable fishers to choose the right combination for the conditions of the day. Wading boots are available for any splashing that occurs while in the boat or for scouting that perfect spot outside the boat. Sandals, water shoes or old sneakers are appropriate (not flip-flops) when not wearing wading boots. Polarized sunglasses are very helpful, as they reduce glare and help contrast the fish from the river bottom. If a guest does not have polarized sunglasses, wearing any form of sunglasses is a must. Also, a brimmed hat that will shade a guest’s face during the day is recommended.

ATV tours and equestrian activities

Closed-toed, sturdy shoes or boots are required for these activities. No sandals, please. It is also safer to wear long pants (versus shorts) due to the heat of the engine (ATV) or the chafing of saddles (equestrian) on the legs of the rider. Upper wear is weather-dependent, but a windbreaker or fleece is always suggested. The Wilderness Outpost will supply helmets, goggles and gloves for ATV tours.

Guests should be aware that during dry, warm days, it will be dusty on the trails. Guests should wear clothing that they don’t mind getting dusty. (There are washers and dryers in every cabin). The Wilderness Outpost will provide bandanas for facial coverage during dry and dusty months. The Wilderness Outpost will also supply helmets and goggles for ATV tours.

Archery/geocaching/hiking/hot air ballooning/mountain biking/paintball/shooting sports/Sky Line Aerial Adventure Park

Depending on the weather, shorts will be fine for these activities. Closed-toed sneakers or boots are important for rough terrain and low brush. No sandals, please. A light jacket or fleece may be necessary for cooler days. For mountain biking, the Wilderness Outpost will provide helmets, but guests may wish to bring sunglasses and riding gloves for comfort.

Having the above items fitted for personal use ensures comfortable and memorable activities while at The Resort at Paws Up. Of course, if guests are missing any items, the Wilderness Outpost stocks the following gear in a variety of sizes: fleece gloves, fleece hats/neck warmers, rain jackets and hiking boots.