• Winterfest

Island Lodge at Salmon Lake

Open Spring 2018

What do you get the resort that has everything? An island. New for 2018, guests at Paws Up will be thrilled to discover the Island Lodge at Salmon Lake, a private retreat nestled among the pines. It serves as the central gathering spot for a whole host of summertime lake activities.

In every direction, you’re surrounded by the largest and oldest ecosystem in the Lower 48. To the west, you’ll take in the incredible Mission Mountains; to the south, the gorgeous Garnet Mountain range and to the east, the legendary Bob Marshall Wilderness Area.

Just a 15-minute drive from The Resort at Paws Up, reserving the Island Lodge at Salmon Lake is like having your own private island where you can enjoy water sports, fine cuisine and breathtaking scenery. Full-day plus three-hour morning, afternoon and evening excursions are available.

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Watch: Overview of the Island Lodge at Salmon Lake