Pouring It On: Colorful Splatters Ahead

Spill and Thrills

June 23 and 26, 2021

Crying over spills? It’s more like smiling over spills in this Wilderness Workshop. Let artist Christine Thomas share her unbridled creativity with you, and unleash your own colorful expression as you splash and drip and paint and pour to your heart’s content. This abstract art form is as much fun as it is messy, and you’ll end up with a riotously colorful canvas to take home.

Gloves and aprons will be provided, but we recommend you wear something that you don’t mind getting a few splashes on.

Christine Thomas: Artist in Residency

Christine Thomas is an artist who shares her home alongside her husband and two dogs in Boise, Idaho. She is inspired by art’s ability to liberate and transform its creators. Her works of art may be discovered right here at The Resort, as well as at Bonita Creative Space and Boise’s FireFusion Studio and Delia Dante Gallery. When she isn’t making visual arts, she expresses another creative side by traveling the Pacific Northwest with Grateful, a Grateful Dead tribute band.