Gettin’ Primitive

Outdoor skills that build confidence within

June 27–July 4, 2022

Any time of the year is a good time to learn primitive skills—you know, the ones that can keep you alive and make your family think you’re cool at the same time. Gary Steele, Paws Up’s resident outdoorsman and a real-deal Montana mountain man, provides hands-on instruction around The Resort and at his self-built camp. He’ll show you and your family primitive survival techniques such as edible plant identification, fire making, knot tying, longbow archery, shelter building and tracking.

Designed to bring families together in an environment that fosters confidence, responsibility and self-esteem, the Gettin’ Primitive workshop is sure to ignite your children’s imagination.

Steele is also available on a fee basis for private demonstrations or lessons.

Gary Steele: Outdoorsman in Residency

Gary Steele has had a long career as a backcountry guide, blacksmith, outfitter and woodsman and has been leading traditional outdoor skills workshops for years with the help of the nonprofit Inspire Foundation. Gettin’ Primitive provides an excellent outlet for Steele to pass on a lifetime of experience of learning about fun things to do in the woods and how to appreciate the great outdoors.

All Wilderness Workshops are complimentary and are included in your stay.