Campfire Stars

Chuck Ragan

Founder of Influential Florida Band Hot Water Music

Grass Valley, CA

August 13–17, 2019

Chuck Ragan has been called an “effortlessly charismatic performer,” and as the tunes on his newest release Till Midnight prove, the singer-songwriter’s compelling songs resonate with an ever-growing international fan base. The artist’s trademark mix of lyrical insight and catchy, forceful songcraft is grounded in both traditional American music and his deep affinity for rock ‘n’ roll. (He is a founding member of post-hardcore trailblazers Hot Water Music). Whether in his songs or tales from his book The Road Most Traveled, Ragan knows how to establish a close relationship with his audience. “The way I see it,” Ragan observes, “we’re faced with tons of inspiration every day.” In 2007, Ragan moved to California and became a licensed fly-fishing guide. He continues his music career as well.

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