An out-of-this-world spring break

April 2–7, 2018

Few things in life inspire us like the courage and conviction of another human. And few people have the courage and conviction of those who’ve made the dream of space travel a reality.

For the first event in Paws Up’s INSPIRE series, we look to the night sky to ignite our imagination and passions about the cosmos. Join us for guided star-and-planet viewing and intimate fireside chats with scientists, engineers and specialists of outer space. You’ll also go exploring with these astral experts during outdoor wilderness adventures and take part in special Mars-related activities, such as a ride in an ATV, then a detailed discussion about how we got to Mars and the future of exploration of the Red Planet. There’s no limit to the inspiration that stargazing and interacting with luminaries of space can generate—it’s as boundless as the universe itself.