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Fish and Feast

Share fish tales and fine cuisine

August 31–September 1, 2018

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to challenge your fly rod and reel and then reward your knife and fork. You’ll spend plenty of time fishing our legendary waters with fly-fishing junkies Chef Chris Bianco and Chef Adam Perry Lang. One is a French-trained chef with major BBQ bona fides. The other is a James Beard Award-winning Italian chef and a driving force in the slow food movement.

After Lang trained with French chefs in New York, he abandoned the pursuit of Michelin stars to chase perfect ways to grill, dry-age and smoke meat. He’s as crazy about beef as he is trout, and recently opened JPL Restaurant, a steakhouse at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Chef Chris Bianco, recognized with a Best Chef: Southwest James Beard Award, is a key player in the artisanal pizza world. His restaurants in the Phoenix, Arizona, area ensure that Italian cuisine remains a staple in the West.

Join these two friends for a weekend that combines floating down the trout-filled Blackfoot River, hands-on demonstrations from Tom Morgan Rodsmiths and dining on the fine cuisine of phenomenal chefs.

Chef Chris Bianco: Pizzeria Bianco, Tratto, Phoenix, AZ | James Beard Award Winner
Chef Adam Perry Lang: APL Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA | Featured on Bravo’s Top Chef

FEATURED ROD MAKER: Tom Morgan Rodsmiths, Bozeman, MT. The world’s finest fly rods, hand-crafted in Montana
Friday, August 31, 2018 Italian dinner by Chef Chris Bianco
Saturday, September 1, 2018 Fly-fishing excursion with Chefs Chris Bianco and Adam Perry Lang BBQ dinner by Chef Adam Perry Lang at the Chuck Wagon