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Fish and Feast

Chefs are drawn to Paws Up like fat trout to an elk hair caddis.

September 4–7, 2020
For the third year in a row, elite chefs from other parts of the country feel the pull of Fish and Feast. It’s a Labor Day weekend event that tempts them with fly-fishing adventures on our storied stretch of the Blackfoot River. They’ll spend their mornings with you, battling cutthroats and rainbows. But then we reel our guest chefs into our kitchen each night, where they show off masterful cooking skills. 
Their menus delve deep into their culinary repertoires. You’ll taste extraordinary dishes, accompanied by more than a few fish tales. Whether you’re an expert angler or don’t know a tippet from a rod tip, there will be tons of fun and adventure along with plenty of food and wine. To our local trout and our lucky anglers, we say, bon appétit! 
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