Montana Master Grillers

Ah, the sweet smells of a Montana spring, aka meat on the grill.

May 24–27, 2019

Time to mark your calendar with a swipe of BBQ sauce for next spring’s meatiest event at The Resort at Paws Up: Montana Master Grillers. From Austin to Boston, these heavy hitters of the grill are already lining up to join us for Memorial Day weekend 2019: Nashville’s Carey Bringle, Boston’s Andy Husbands, Chicago’s Charlie McKenna and Wayne Mueller from Taylor, Texas (outside Austin). These revered pit masters have earned accolades from BBQ-loving taste buds everywhere, whether they’re winning world BBQ championships or smokin’ up television screens. Toss in wild and woolly wilderness adventures, craft beverages and heel-kickin’ live music and this will be the event that really sets your soul on fire.

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