The Morning Jingle

The early morning hours here at Paws Up mean one important thing to our steadfast horse wranglers: time to wake up and smell the horses! It’s a little like our own version of reveille. As soon as the sun rises, we get up, saddle up and gather the herd. Whether you’re a morning person, a horse lover or both, you’ll want to join in the fun. You’ll be helping a wrangler collect our ranch horses for the day’s adventures.

So much more than a simple task on the wrangler’s to-do list, the Morning Jingle is a powerful experience in leading the pack. When you ride out to pasture together, prepare yourself to be amazed and humbled as each horse heeds the signal and folds one by one into the herd.

It’s a rare inside view of our ranch operations at a spectacular hour of day. And after this exhilarating wake-up call, you won’t even need your morning cup of joe.

The Morning Jingle
$190 per person Ages 13 and up  Approx. 1 hour
Approx. start time: 6:30AM
(Head wrangler/equestrian manager approval is required—advanced riders only; prerequisites apply.)