Montana Team Penning

A Cowpoke Competition Branded for Fun

This is no typical luxury family dude ranch—this is an authentic working cattle and bison ranch—The Resort at Paws Up. Here, you find all sorts of ways to turn work into play.  And team penning has become one of our favorite challenges. It’s an equestrian sport that evolved from a common ranch task—rounding up and separating cattle for branding, doctoring or transport. Today’s sport features 15 cattle, of which three are randomly selected by the wrangler. Riders are then tasked with “cutting out” those three, corralling them to the opposite side of the arena and calling for time. This fast-paced, fun activity takes place in the temperature-controlled environment of the Equestrian Center. And it’s a great way to earn your cowboy bona fides. 

Team Penning
Indoor Team Penning
Approx. 2 hours

$225 Per Person

Ages 12+