Snow Tubing

If you have the need for speed, but are tired of lift lines and toe-crushing ski boots, the surrounding hills and meadows of Paws Up offer ample opportunities for snowy pursuits. Here you can test the limits of gravity aboard one of our snow tubes.

This winter, The Resort at Paws Up is offering two kinds of tubing:

Downhill Tubing

Tubes in varying sizes are offered to guests for downhill tubing. The tubing hill is located behind Sacagawea, one of our Wilderness Estates.

  • Downhill tubing will be offered every afternoon from 2:00PM–4:00PM.
  • A tubing chauffeur is provided. The chauffeur drives guests back up the hill on a snowmobile after each run.
  • Helmets and goggles are provided at the top of the hill, but guests are encouraged to bring their own.
  • Guests are also free to use the downhill tubing hill and tubes at any time of day on their own. (No chauffeur will be provided, and bonfires will not be lit.)

Snowmobile Tubing

A tube is attached to a rope, which is then attached to the back of a snowmobile. The snowmobile runs a course in the meadow behind the Wilderness Outpost.

  • Meadow tubing will be offered every morning from 10:00AM–12:00PM.
  • This activity is good for guests of all ages
  • One or two people can ride on a tube at the same time.
  • Helmets, goggles and balaclavas are provided, but guests are encouraged to bring their own
  • Guests must sign up in advance unless they are a part of a kids camp.

There will be bonfire pits at each location with fires during downhill tubing and meadow tubing operation times.

Snow Tubing Rates
Inclusive Activity FREE per person All Ages
Sign up required at Wilderness Outpost