Montana Aerial Rope Course: The Sky Line™ Aerial Adventure Park

Neatly tucked into the middle of the forest at The Resort at Paws Up, you’ll discover a new challenge for both mind and body: the Sky Line Aerial Adventure Park. The aerial rope courses in the park will push the boundaries of your comfort zone. On the Canopy Tour, you’ll guide yourself through 10 separate platforms, complete with rickety bridges, spider nets, swinging platforms, tight ropes and a heart-pounding 40-foot free fall. For experienced climbers, the Challenge Course features spine-tingling elements that are more difficult and higher off the ground, including a quick drop that’s about 55 feet up in the air. You may think you’re nimble. You may tell yourself you have laser-like focus. But you’ll only know for sure if you put yourself out there. At the very least, the experience will leave you with a little more confidence—or a little more humility. Either way, after a bit of practice, we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it and soon be coming back for more!

Watch: Aerial Adventure (01:06)

Sky Line and Challenge Courses FAQs

When are the courses open? 
The Sky Line Aerial Adventure Park is open daily, with seasonal availability. Reservations can be made through Concierge Services.

How long does a tour take? 
You should allow two hours (per course) from start to finish, including arrival at the Wilderness Outpost, a team-building game, travel to the site, orientation, gearing up, ground school (to practice using your equipment), one full time around a course, gearing down and returning to the Wilderness Outpost.

What are the age, weight and health requirements? 
Ages 6 and up.
Minimum height: 4'
Maximum weight: 265 lbs.
The courses are not suggested for people who are or may be pregnant or for people with recent heart surgeries, back surgeries, back injuries or head or neck injuries.

How much does it cost? 
$155 per person.

Is this a good team-building activity for my group? 
Absolutely. It’s always exciting to see who has a special knack for navigating the courses. And because the courses challenge both the mind and the body, you’ll find that an outing with your team can truly bring out the best in people as they work together to offer support and advice.

Which is more fun, the Grizzlyman Fitness Trail or the Sky Line Aerial Adventure Park?
We love both! The Grizzlyman, near Spa Town and the Fitness Cabin, focuses on strength and endurance. It’s a one-mile-long trail with 12 separate fitness stations. The Sky Line will test all your senses—and provide a close-up view of the treetops as well.

How high is it off the ground? 
The Sky Line is made up of a series of platforms, towers and ropes. Its height varies, but at the tallest point, the Canopy Tour is about 40 feet off the ground. The Challenge Course features a 55-foot quick drop.

Our staff is specially trained to help ensure your safety, and the Paws Up Sky Line employs “smart belay technology,” with a system of interconnected carabiners, which means you’ll always be clicked in. However, if you’re afraid of heights, the Sky Line might not be the adventure for you.

What’s the equipment like? 
Before taking to the “skies,” we’ll outfit you with a helmet, harness and lanyards. You’ll be carefully trained on how to use the equipment, and our staff will help you adjust your gear properly. While using the Sky Line, you’ll need to keep your safety equipment on at all times.

What should I wear? 
It’s important to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to the Sky Line. Your shoes should have soles that grip. We suggest hiking boots, walking shoes or athletic shoes. Flip-flops are not acceptable.

What should I bring? 
You may get thirsty, so please bring a water bottle. We’ll be happy to fill it up for you.

Sky Line Aerial Adventure Park Safety Rules

Before using our courses you must:

  • Be at least six years old with sound body and mind and capable of performing specific safety tasks independently.
  • Have a minimum height of 48 inches and a maximum weight of 265 pounds.
  • Wear clothing that will not get tangled in cables or ropes. Sneakers are recommended. Flip-flops and sandals are not allowed. Please avoid any footwear with heels. We recommend wearing gloves (provided) while on the course.
  • Ensure your helmet is adjusted for proper fit. Helmets are required at all times when on the course.
  • Bring a full reusable Paws Up water bottle to the course. Additional water will be provided.
  • Get specific training in using all safety equipment on the course.
  • Read and understand all instructions.
  • Understand and accept the risks involved.

While using our courses you must:

  • Use all equipment safely and as directed by course guides.
  • Follow all instructions given to you by course guides.
  • Choose your adventure based on your comfort level. The difficulty of each element is marked (green, blue, black).
  • Always have both clic-its attached to a marked or appropriate attachment point.
  • Be mindful of other guests’ comfort levels before entering. No more than two people per element are allowed.
  • Never have more than four people on any platform.
  • Ask a course guide for assistance when in doubt, confused or stuck.
  • Never carry phones, cameras or any other objects that may fall or distract you or others.
  • Make sure that all clothing and hair will not get tangled or stuck on an element, cable or rope.
  • Never smoke or drink alcoholic beverages on the course.

During unusual weather conditions, you may be asked to exit the course (i.e., thunderstorms, strong winds). Resort staff and course guides reserve the right to remove any guest from the Sky Line who is unable to perform all safety tasks independently or is in breach of the safety rules of the course.

Age requirements:

  • Ages 6+: Must be supervised by a course guide at all times.
  • Ages 6–12: Must be accompanied by an adult (18+).
  • Ages 12+: Do not need to be accompanied by an adult.
The Sky Line Aerial Adventure Park Rates
2 Hour Trip

$155 per person

Ages 6 and up

May require parental assistance

Height: 4' min.

Weight: 265 lbs. max.