Junior Wrangler Program

The perfect three-day program for the horse-crazy kid. Kids ages 8–13 can immerse themselves in the world of horses for three consecutive mornings or afternoons.

Junior Wrangler Program Available:
(Mon.–Wed. or Fri.–Sun.)
$660 per child Ages 11–13
(Mon.–Wed. or Fri.–Sun.)
$660 per child Ages 8–10

In Paws Up’s new Junior Wrangler Program, kids get to do everything from brush and help saddle their horses to scoop poop, assist with any vet care that might be needed and learn how to trot and lope on the trails. They’ll learn to steer their horses independently from the group by playing games on horseback, and they’ll explore the countryside on trails that others don’t get to ride on—and so much more!

NOTE: Absence from any one session will incur a cancellation without refund.

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