• Winterfest

Ice Skating Montana

Montana is known for glorious gliding.

Winter at Paws Up conjures up thoughts of frosted pine trees, snowcovered meadows and frozen lakes. You’ll feel like a kid again as you skate circles around your significant other. We’ll have ice skates for all sizes so while you’re circling your spouse, your kids will be skating circles around you.

No matter what your skill level, we have the appropriate equipment for you. Also, our hand warmers will ensure you can stay attached to that special someone, especially if he or she is having trouble keeping up with your double toe loops. Our royal ice rink is located just across from Pomp and Tank & Trough, an ideal location should you choose to stop in for a golden goblet of gourmet coffee or sinfully rich hot chocolate.

Ice Skating Rates
Inclusive Activity Complimentary Equipment Included
All Ages
The Blackfoot River.

We’re as open as ever.

Right now and all summer long, guests are welcome at The Resort at Paws Up! Please join us for fun, fresh air and exhilarating adventures on our expansive 37,000-acre ranch in Montana.

To check availability, please call Reservations at 877-580-6343.