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Hot Air Ballooning

Imagine floating over the historic Lewis & Clark route, watching eagles soar below you and the big, Montana sky unfolding above. Introducing Montana hot air ballooning Paws Up-style. At times, you’ll flow smoothly over the rolling terrain like a silent rollercoaster—inhaling the intoxicating scent of millions of Ponderosa Pines. At other times, you will find yourself brushing the soft grey bottom of a wandering cloud or two. Few visions are as captivating as a balloon’s sun-cast shadow gliding effortlessly along the sprawling Montana landscape. Hot air ballooning is an experience. Montana hot air ballooning in the majestic Blackfoot Valley is the experience of a lifetime.

Hot Air Ballooning Rates
Private Hot Air Ballooning $3,000 (6-person max.)
For groups of 7 or more, inquire for pricing.
Ages 8 and up Approx. 1–3 hours Sunrise departure pending weather conditions