Where Mustangs and Mindfulness Coexist

Come face to face with the unbridled, renegade spirit of the American West. Step into the ring with one of Paws Up’s adopted wild mustangs. Three activities at The Resort provide soul-stirring experiences that reward you with an understanding of yourself, as well as Mother Nature. You can even step into the ring and suddenly be measuring a mustang’s every movement, approaching the animal with a quiet confidence.

Wild mustangs have been roaming the plains and kicking up dust for centuries. Here at Paws Up, we’re privileged to have the resources and facilities to not only welcome them into our hearts and our herd, but also to spend countless hours “gentling,” or desensitizing and training them. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to work with a wild animal unaccustomed to human interaction. It’s something most cattle ranches won’t consider taking on—and unlike anything any other resort offers. It’s a humbling experience to watch an animal transform from skittish to socialized, and we consider it an honor to share it with you.

Mustang Mindfulness Demo

This introductory activity is designed for groups who want to learn more about mustangs and the patience, dedication and strategy required to take them from wild to mild. Watch in wonder—outside the ring—as Equestrian Manager Jackie Kecskes “gentles” a mustang. See the process in action, as the horse responds to her every move and the pitch of her voice. In a time when immediate gratification isn’t fast enough, this demonstration is a powerful real-life example of the value of slowing down.

Horse Whispering 101: Learning to Lead from Behind

Actions speak louder than words, something that will become immediately apparent once you step into the ring with one of our ranch horses, along with a wrangler. This introductory session is designed to build mutual trust and respect between horse and human. Raise your hand too quickly or step forward too soon, and the horse will react, or possibly even withdraw. You’ll become more aware of and more familiar with your own body language, allowing you the opportunity to learn how to adjust your demeanor to better interact with the horse. And as you become more familiar with the horse, you’ll find that the rhythm between you is deeply satisfying.

Horse Whispering 201: Beyond the Ride

This is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list-worthy equine experience that will take the mysticism out of the often-used “horse whispering.” You’ll never forget the rush of approaching a wild mustang, whose eyes are trained on your every move. During the next two hours, along with a wrangler, you’ll learn how to be a confident leader, establishing a relationship that is both life-affirming and life-changing. You’ll likely never look at the way you interact with animals (and other humans) in the same way again.  

Horsepower: Where Mustangs and Mindfulness Coexist Rates
Mustang Mindfulness Demo $2,000 per group
Ages 6 and up
1–2 hours
Horse Whispering 101 $175 per person
Ages 12 and up
(summer only)
1 hour
Horse Whispering 201 $275 per person
Ages 12 and up
(summer only)
2 hours