Curling and Broom Hockey

While many of Montana’s legendary winter activities, like dogsledding, may already be on your ice-bucket list, it’s time to add some serious fun—curling. Come try your hand at this Winter Olympic sport where you slide a 40-pound stone along the ice as family and friends help “curl” it into scoring position with custom brooms. Long popular at WinterFest, it now brings hearty laughter all winter long. Who knew pushing a broom could be such a blast? Paws Up supplies the curling brooms, stones and sliders to fit your shoes.

And, believe it or not, Paws Up has another new winter sport that’s worth a shot—broom hockey. Think brooms, not hockey sticks, and action that keeps you in stitches, instead of getting them. Bring your boots. Brooms and pucks are supplied by us.

Grab a broom. And enjoy the sweeping views.
Curling and Broom Hockey Rates


Equipment included

(Curling times are 4:00PM–7:00PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.)

Broom Hockey Complimentary Equipment included
(Guests can play broom hockey at their leisure anytime other than scheduled curling times.)