Cow Croquet at Paws Up Ranch

For an equestrian experience unlike anything you’d find on another dude vacation ranch, show your mastery of wrangling cattle by taking part in the thrilling and challenging Cow Croquet. You and three of your cowboy/cowgirl friends will mount horses in the Saddle Club’s indoor arena and try to guide cows through one of five gates—just as if you were knocking croquet balls through metal hoops in the back yard. You will compete against another team of four players, and each team takes turns to try to “push” the cows through the selected gate. The leader/referee of the match yells out the selected gate (1–5) at the beginning of each round, and each team is timed on how long it takes to get the cows through the gate. The team with the best results and times wins! This fun equestrian competition takes about two hours to complete and the fee is $200 per player. Ages 8 and up are welcome to partake in Cow Croquet. 
Cow Croquet Rates
2-Hour Cow Croquet
Approx. 2 hours
$220 per player Ages 8+
The Blackfoot River.

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