Archery in Montana

Guided Archery

Take a tour through our archery range featuring 3D targets of animals that you can hunt here in Montana. Guests will be shooting compound bows and our guides will get you sighted-in prior to going out on the course. The course consists of 10 different stations set in the woods along with two elevated platforms to simulate a tree stand. Test your skills as a hunter or challenge your family to see who is the better shot. This is a two-hour activity for ages 6 and up.

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Inclusive Archery

Located behind the Wilderness Outpost, you can hone your archery skills on our bag target and 3D target too. Stop by the gear counter desk to check out the bows and arrows. After a safety review and demonstration, it is your turn to shoot as much as you would like.

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Archery Rates
Guided Trips on the Archery Wilderness Course $145 per person (ages 6+)
2 Hours
Inclusive Activity FREE per person (ages 6+)