Small and Micro-Weddings

Your love is large. Your plans don’t have to be.

Is there ever a perfect time to get married? These days, it’s hard to decide just what to do. But when you’ve found “the one,” why wait? The perfect time to start your lives together is now, whatever else is happening out there in the world.

At Paws Up, intimacy and magnificence go hand in hand. Here, smaller celebrations, even micro-weddings, offer luxuries you can’t find anywhere else. With spacious accommodations and more than 70 outdoor adventures to experience together, this is no mere backyard wedding. You and your guests will dine on cuisine that rivals a Michelin-starred restaurant while surrounded by breathtaking mountains. We make a bit of magic, where people create lasting bonds over a horseback ride through the meadows or a dinner under the stars. More than a wedding, it’s the union of two loving families. For parties of 3–99.