The Wonder Women of Food and Wine

Chef Amninder Sandhu


Mumbai, India

As a 2018 competitor on the Netflix series The Final Table, Chef Amninder Sandhu shared her considerable talents on a worldwide platform. Sandhu represented her country as the only Indian chef chosen to participate in this elite competition. Join her as she heads to Montana to collaborate with the Wonder Women of Food and Wine.

Born to a North Indian Sikh family and raised amidst the lush green landscape of Northeast India, Sandhu embraces traditional Indian cooking practices while finding constant inspiration in the cultural diversity of India. Sandhu honed her culinary skills at the Institute of Hotel Management in Aurangabad, India, and at the Knightsbridge PME School of Cake Decoration in the United Kingdom. She went on to work with the renowned Taj Hotels before moving on to stand-alone restaurants.  

As executive chef at Arth in Mumbai, Sandhu has embraced ancient-Indian methods of slow cooking, and the restaurant prides itself on being the first gas-free kitchen in the country. Inspired by early records of charcoal-powered hearths being used to prepare food, Sandhu ensures each dish is cooked over wood or charcoal, using ingredients that are from across India. In 2016, she was a recipient of the Best Lady Chef award from India’s Ministry of Tourism.

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