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Missoula Curling Club

Featured Sporting Club

January 25–26, 2018

Joining us to demonstrate and teach the enigmatic sport known as curling is the Missoula Curling Club (MCC). With their help, WinterFest guests will get a chance to play at The Resort’s “official” curling court (otherwise known as the Paws Up Ice Rink).

The sport involves two teams sliding (through the sweeping of brooms) 40-pound hunks of granite down a “sheet,” or playing field, of ice. The team that repeatedly gets its so-called stones closest to the center of a target at each end eventually wins a curling match.


The nonprofit MMC was formed in 2010, after the Winter Olympics—which, according to MCC President Barry Bollenbacher, got a few folks in Missoula saying, “we can do that.” Now the club has more than 100 members playing on about 30 teams in the Competitive and Recreational League. “The sport is hard to excel at, but easy to enjoy,” says Bollenbacher, “and the fact that you can enjoy a beverage during a match adds to the fun.”

Lessons will take place on Thursday night, January 25, and on Friday afternoon, January 26, so guests will be well prepared to take part in the championship games later that night.