Live Entertainment

Papa Mopho

Friday, February 15

A scaled-down version of its sister band, Paws Up regulars Mudslide Charley, Papa Mopho will kick off the WinterFestivities on Friday night with an authentic combination of gutbucket blues and ramshackle soul. This blues duo features Phil Hamilton (harmonica, guitar and vocals) and Marco Littig (slide guitar and vocals) digging into their bluesy roots. Papa Mopho represents an intimate glimpse into the stories and music that have long inspired them and forms the foundation of their 10+ year collaboration. Delta blues is indeed alive and well and you’ll see it blossom in their live performance.

Dodgy Mountain Men

Saturday, February 16

You can call it “stomp-grass” or you can call what the Dodgy Mountain Men bring to the stage high-energy, home-brewed Montana music. It’s their own mashup of bluegrass, blues and rock, skillfully blended into a sound all their own. Imagine the rhythms of bluegrass, the soul of the blues and electricity of rock, all rolled into one unique experience. You’ll recognize their passion for American roots traditions in their lyrical storytelling. Their music is pure Montana magic.

Dodgy Mountain Men’s latest album, Changing Lanes, shows how the band pushes the borders of Americana. They’ve appeared at music festivals from River City Roots in Montana all the way to Spring Blossom in Pennsylvania.

Jenn Adams

Sunday, February 17

Accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist Jenn Adams graces WinterFest with her distinctive blend of folk, blues and jazz. Her live performances are often described as warm and inclusive, the perfect touch for The Resort at Paws Up. Adams pulls the best of multiple genres into her intimately personal songs—probably the reason she is internationally recognized for her well-crafted songwriting. Her songs always stand apart from the ordinary, as does her distinctive voice, one that’s both touching and unique. Sparse, bluesy ballads may be her trademark, but expect Adams to take you to new places musically. It’s a big part of why she is widely regarded as one of the most genuine artists on the acoustic circuit.