June Rodil

This summer, quench your thirst with knowledge.

August 26–28, 2021

After a long day of warm-weather adventure in the brilliant sun, you may be tempted to dip a ladle into the Blackfoot River and take a big chug. But by evening we invite you to sip with sophistication alongside Master Sommelier June Rodil. She’s one of only 28 women in the Americas to earn the wine world’s most prestigious credential, and she’s happy to share her wisdom with you.

As part of our Visiting Vintners Series, Rodil will be on hand to talk varietals and vintages in her own inimitable way—with that trademark Texan warmth. Paired with gourmet meals by our Executive Chef Sunny Jin, as well as by visiting chef and her business partner Felipe Riccio, this will be a weekend to savor. And then there’s the timing—August in Montana—when your cup will truly runneth over with available outdoor activities.