The Taste of Rose City

Chef Doug Adams


Portland, OR

Before being catapulted into the celebrity chef scene—he made the final three on Bravo’s Top Chef Season 12—Chef Doug Adams donned the primary chef hat at some of Chef Vitaly Paley’s renowned Portland restaurants, including the Imperial. He’s also honed his craft at the Woodsman Tavern, where he finessed his technique and espoused his love for Southern cuisine.

Bullard, Adams much-anticipated restaurant named for his tiny Texas hometown, greets downtown Portland foodies as they enter the freshly restored Landmark Hotel, former home of Oregon’s temperance movement 100 years ago. But whether it’s served on a platter of tasty bites Adams crafts for the Abigail Hall bar (named for suffragist Sister Abigail) or a signature San Antonio fried chicken in Bullard, Adams’ devotion to Southern barbecue is felt all around. While he touts Bullard as the place “where Texas meets Oregon,” Adams has never been shy about espousing his love of Montana (maybe that’s why Braised Elk Shoulder and Rainbow Trout appear on the menu). Adams plans to brings his Rose City chops to The Resort at Paws Up for some spirited conversation and flavorful cooking.

The Blackfoot River.

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