Sandwich Sensations

Throughout the Year

While you can trace sandwich beginnings all the way back to 1762 and England’s fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, sandwiches didn’t take hold in America until the nineteenth century. In 2020, they’ll pop up in a variety of playful and informative new events at The Resort at Paws Up. Dubbed Sandwich Sensations, each event will feature guest chefs who not only embrace sandwich making, they flat out celebrate it with fresh takes on this beloved culinary format. From bold flavors for grilled cheese to hearty American heroes, you’ll meet America’s master sandwich makers and taste the ways their creative culinary sensations tickle taste buds nationwide.

Reserve a spot at Sandwich Sensations and let our sandwich maestros show you ways to forever change how your family views lunch.

All Sandwich Sensations events are complimentary and are included in your stay.