The Songwriter Series

Turn your memories into melodies.

February 22–24 and July 27–29, 2019

Most people who visit Paws Up are happy to leave The Resort with smiles and photographs. But now, for a special sort of traveler, there’s the chance to bring home a Montana soundtrack of their very own making, as well.

If you’ve ever found yourself singing in the shower or drumming on the steering wheel during your daily commute, you’ll want to join us for our pitch-perfect new Songwriter Series.

You’ll be part of a jam-packed weekend, complete with songwriting workshops and stories behind the music. Get expert coaching from real-deal musical artists. By day, you’ll learn the mechanics of songwriting, get one-on-one feedback and develop your own original tunes. By night, you’ll get to enjoy intimate live performances by your new musical mentors. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to be a rock star, this series is for you.

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