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Montana Long Table®

Chef Doug Sohn

Hot Doug’s

Chicago, IL

July 20, 2019

Doug Sohn’s insanely popular restaurant Hot Doug’s transformed the way Chicagoans viewed hot dogs. For more than 13 years, Windy City residents happily lined up down the street to get their favorite gourmet sausages from Sohn, who always manned the front counter of his shop. Along the way, Hot Doug’s was visited by everyone from Aziz Ansari to Anna Kendrick to Anthony Bourdain, who included Hot Doug’s in his list “13 Places to Eat Before You Die.” The devotion to Sohn’s creations, including a sausage made with foie gras, was so fervent that several folks even got the Hot Doug’s logo tattooed on various body parts. For that, they were rewarded with free hot dogs for life.

Having achieved wild success, Sohn closed his beloved restaurant in 2014 because “it was time to try something else.” However, a 2015 offer to set up shop in Wrigley Field proved too tempting to pass up. But for one day this summer, the “Friendly Confines” will not be the only spot where lovers of Hot Doug’s can get their fix. Sohn will join Chicago chefs Christine Cikowski, Joshua Kulp and Michael Ciapciak at Paws Up’s Montana Long Table: Artisanal Picnic.

See Sohn in action. Watch the trailer for what producer Nicholas Markos calls, “the Citizen Kane of hot dog movies, “Hot Doug’s: The Movie.”

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