Artisanal Picnic

Chef Joshua Kulp

Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Chicago, IL

July 20, 2019

In Fall 2013, after eight years of running a highly successful underground Chicago supper club, Chef Josh Kulp and Co-Chef/Managing Partner Christine Cikowski launched their first brick-and-mortar concept, Honey Butter Fried Chicken. Kulp and Cikowski serve homey comfort food made right—from the slightly spicy creamed corn made in-house to the signature condiment of whipped butter with Wisconsin honey. “I describe it as the kind of food people really want to eat, but done well in a thoughtful way so everything is accessible,” Kulp explains. The restaurant’s delectable fried chicken is locally sourced, cage-free and self-brined and seasoned and also fried in non-GMO, trans-fat-free oil.

Before discovering his kitchen calling, Kulp studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a master’s degree. After graduating, he moved to teach fifth grade—and found himself spending all his spare time in the kitchen and dining out. Kulp moved back to Madison and cooked at Restaurant Magnus and then for the governor’s mansion. He moved to Chicago in 2004 to attend the Kendall College of Culinary Arts. In his spare time, Kulp loves to write and to watch the Chicago Cubs. “I love the Cubs almost as much as I love my grandmother,” he says. “My life goal is to sell fried chicken sandwiches at Wrigley.”

Their addictive chicken is complimented by some of the best vegetable side dishes in the city, and the crowds at this Avondale spot helmed by Christine Cikowski and Josh Kulp show no sign of slowing down.

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