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Campfire Chefs

Hold onto to your mess kit. This changes everything.

Summer 2018

When we invented glamping, we wanted to elevate every single thing about sleeping outdoors, including the food. So this summer, we’re introducing Campfire Chefs, and it promises to take things to a whole new level.

Imagine sitting down for a nice meal in your camp Dining Pavilion, admiring the view of the Blackfoot, when suddenly you spot a James Beard Award-winning chef peeking out from the kitchen. You’re sliding a marshmallow onto a skewer, and one of the country’s foremost pastry chefs leans over to give you a hand. Or, you’re biting into a particularly scrumptious dish, and you think, “Huh, this reminds me of that time I dined at the best restaurant in the world, El Bulli!”

For 2018, Campfire Chefs welcomes Chef Beau MacMillan, Chef Jonathon Sawyer, Chef Charlie McKenna and Chef Garrison Price—and our own Executive Chef Sunny Jin. And helping us celebrate National S’mores Day (August 10) is Chef Amanda Rockman. The best part is? No jacket required.