Cowgirl Spring Roundup

Clare Carver

Big Table Farm

Gaston, OR

Comprising over 70 acres in Oregon, you’ll find seasonal vegetables, free-range hens, pasture-raised pigs and grass-fed cows in addition to the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah and Pinot Gris produced at Big Table Farm.

Artist and farmer Clare Carver and her winemaker partner Brian Marcy have channeled their varied experiences and shared vision to create stunning vintage wine offerings. While Marcy studied fermentation science and worked with esteemed winemakers in Napa Valley, Carver works on the marketing side of the wine business and manages the farm’s large acreage.

Carver will be joining the lineup of talented artists at Cowgirl Spring Roundup, where she’ll be right at home. A fine artist herself, Carver’s wine labels have received numerous awards, including the honor of landing on the San Francisco Chronicle’s America’s Top 10 Wine Labels list in 2006. Carver’s first passion is her painting, but she also finds great joy in working with her team of draft horses.

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