Cowgirl Spring Roundup

Barbara Van Cleve

1995 Honoree, Cowgirl Hall of Fame

April 25–28, 2019

Barbara Van Cleve’s photographs realistically portray ranch life in the modern West. Raised on her family’s Montana ranch, she learned ranch life as a participant, with photography as an avocation. Van Cleve became the youngest dean of women in the United States at DePaul University in Chicago and taught English literature and photography at the school. Van Cleve moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1980 to concentrate on photography full-time, and she had her first major exhibition in 1985. In 1995, her book Hard Twist: Western Ranch Women was published, and she was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Van Cleve has more than 50 solo photography exhibits to her name and a lifetime of experience in the West and on ranches.

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