Cowgirl Spring Roundup

Ashley Collins

California, USA

2017 Honoree, Cowgirl Hall of Fame

April 25–28, 2019

Ashley Collins moved to Los Angeles in the late 1980s, armed with little more than talent, a strong work ethic and a passion to paint what had inspired and sustained her throughout her childhood: the soul of the horse. Despite repeated dismissals by the contemporary art world as a female artist creating equine-inspired works, Collins persevered, often homeless and working odd jobs to support her passion. In her early twenties, she sold her first painting and immediately gave half of her earnings to charity.

As her success continued to rise, she expanded her charitable work into a worldwide, hands-on endeavor. She’s involved in preventing human trafficking, providing for orphans, building schools, supporting cancer research and protecting wild horses and abandoned pets. Now an internationally successful contemporary painter, she is recognized for her powerful, large-scale paintings. Collins’ layered works incorporate portions of horse silhouettes along with vintage photographs, postcards and pages of literature. Her emotionally charged pieces are in hundreds of private and public collections worldwide.

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