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May 25–28

  • The Elements of Pizza
  • The Elements of Pizza
  • The Elements of Pizza
  • The Elements of Pizza

Cookbook Live Presents The Elements of Pizza

Ken Forkish

Artisanal Pizza Virtuoso

August 4 – 6

Pizza is Ken Forkish’s passion. His crowded Portland restaurant, Ken’s Artisan Pizza, was ranked in Eater National Pizza 38 and was selected by as one of America’s top ten pizzerias. Forkish is a James Beard Award-winning author and an Outstanding Pastry Chef finalist. His latest book, The Elements of Pizza, explores in-depth the mechanics of making the perfect pizza dough.

His true, artisanal approach proves that high quality comes only from hard work and a passion for excellence. And he’s happy to show you the way.

Chef and Author Ken Forkish

Watch: Building the Pizza (02:58)