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  • Smoke and Around the Fire
  • Smoke and Around the Fire
  • Smoke and Around the Fire

Cookbook Live Presents

Chef and Author Tim Byres


September 1–4

Chef Tim Byres, named the Southwest 2012 Food & Wine magazine’s People’s Best New Chef, is the co-owner and chef of SMOKE, Chicken Scratch, The Foundry, Bar Belmont, Spork and SMOKE Plano. Originally from California but a longtime Texan, Byres is best known for his “live fire cookery,” worldly and approachable flavors and fun, family-style service. He spent his formative years in fine dining, including time under Chef Stephan Pyles at his eponymous restaurant. Prior to moving to Texas, Byres was the executive chef at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels.

Byres draws mostly on the regional traditions of Mexico, Louisiana and the American South to craft his very personal take on forward-thinking American cuisine. Widely regarded as an expert in cooking with wood and open flame, Byres has been invited to represent his craft by some of the country’s most respected food personalities, events and publications. In 2013, Byres released his first book, Smoke: New Firewood Cooking. The cookbook reveals insightful information about flavors that are utilitarian as well as unique. While the book does feature dishes from Byres’ SMOKE (including, yes, their Double-Barrel Bloody Mary), the majority of the book focuses on four feasts: Gulf Coast Seafood Boil, Tejano Barbacoa, Pig Roast and a Campfire Breakfast. The book won a James Beard Award in 2014.