Cookbook Live®

Pure Pork Awesomeness

Featuring Chef and Author Kevin Gillespie

September 24–27, 2020
Chef Kevin Gillespie worships at the altar of the pig. This 2016 James Beard Award nominee is so devoted to the creature he has one tattooed on his forearm. His latest cookbook, Pure Pork Awesomeness, is a porcine love letter, with 100 lip-smacking recipes. At this Cookbook Live® event, you won’t just learn how to create his favorite dishes, you’ll also get tips for sourcing the best pork and gain a better understanding of the different cuts of meat. It all promises to be a barrel of fun—and flavor.

Gillespie recently announced that he would return to Top Chef as part of the all-star cast competing in Season 17 in Los Angeles. He appeared on the show in Season 6 and was named "fan favorite."

All Cookbook Live® events are complimentary and included in your stay.
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