Kristen Kish Cooking

Featuring Chef and Author Kristen Kish

October 12–14, 2018

Bridging the culinary traditions of Korea, the Midwest and Boston, Kristen Kish has been called “one of the most talented chefs around” by acclaimed Momofuku Chef David Chang. In her first cookbook, Kristen Kish Cooking: Recipes and Techniques, she takes everyday ingredients and turns them into unexpected masterpieces. Watch as she brings her recipes to life in a flavor-filled October edition of Cookbook Live.

Kristen Kish Cooking

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I’ve always felt that Kish was one of the most talented chefs around. Her food hints at a classic American Midwest background and you catch glimpses of those old-school dishes in recipes like the Baked Potato Purée and the Roasted Whole Hen-of-the-Woods with Wild Rice. I mean, these are the feel-good foods you wish your mom made. They are tasty, flavorsome and familiar enough to be appreciated by both the professional and home cook alike.
—Dave Chang, chef and founder, Momofuku
Here is the stunning first book from a young chef whom we have been impressed by for many years now. The results are nothing short of superb. The beautiful, thoughtful and delicious food is baked into each chapter, but it’s the personal aesthetic and the impassioned revealing story of this rising star that ties together the recipes with a heartfelt point of view. I expected nothing less than a spectacular debut from my friend Kristen, and she over-delivered. What we are gifted is a must-have book for any home cook, and something to aim at for any professional seeking to clarify what makes food a personal journey.
—Andrew Zimmern
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2018 Meet and greet and book signing featuring Chef Kristen Kish, with appetizers and drinks

Cooking demo
Four-course dinner featuring Chef Kristen Kish

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2018 Cooking demo
A wilderness adventure featuring Chef Kristen Kish

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