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May 25–28

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AdrenZen: Spring

Adrenaline Meets Zen Wellness Weekend

May 4–7, 2018

Adrenaline Meets Zen’s dual theme fits perfectly with the Paws Up experience. Our sprawling 37,000-acre resort offers exhilarating wilderness adventures, including everything from the challenging Grizzlyman Fitness Trail and The Sky Line Aerial Adventure Course to more than 100 miles of trails perfect for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and much more.

AdrenZen: Spring
I’ve never had an experience even close to the one at AdrenZen. Being at Paws Up, there was so much openness and freedom that I was able to invite everyone into my own personal space. I truly had an adventure and did things I thought I would’ve never had the chance to, and I was also able to find inner peace. The combination has left me fulfilled, anchored and grateful to be alive.

—Jen Widerstrom, AdrenZen guest fitness instructor
As an international retreat leader, finding a place that is as special as The Resort at Paws Up is rare. The space invites quiet reflection, exploration and growth, while also offering every luxury you could imagine. Everybody had an incredible time, and I loved hosting a wellness event there. Jen Widerstrom and I both look forward to bringing more growth and healing to this property soon.

—Lauren Taus, AdrenZen guest yoga instructor
My experience at The Resort at Paws Up for the AdrenZen weekend was the highlight of my year. All the staff throughout The Resort were extremely accommodating and kind and took care of any needs or questions that I had throughout my weekend. I had a wonderful time exploring the outdoors at The Resort of Paws up because of the exquisite location, respectful staff and impeccable service. I would highly recommend The Resort.

—Katelynn Lee, AdrenZen guest
I am fortunate to have been a part of AdrenZen weekend. The whole place is serene and magical, but what was really unexpected was the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone in a safe and relaxed environment. I would go back again and again.

—Bhavani Raju, AdrenZen guest