• Winterfest

The Thrillionaire Club

At the Resort at Paws Up

Maybe you were the kid who always chose “dare,” never “truth.” Or the one who grabbed onto fenders as you skateboarded to school. Or jumped out your second-floor window on a particularly snowy afternoon. For anyone who has an affinity for stirring things up, who occasionally gets more than a little restless, we present a challenge. It’s called the Thrillionaire Club, and it will egg you on and push you to take things here just … one … step … further.

To join this elite adventure club, all you have to do is conquer Paws Up’s most heart-racing outdoor activities—our top 12 sure-fire adrenaline rushes—and you will be bestowed with the title. Start with a cold plunge like whitewater rafting down Class IV rapids. Come during winter to try our Backcountry Triathlon. Or drop off the side of the earth in a rappelling adventure at Lookout Rock.

Once you’ve done them all, becoming a Thrillionaire will not only give you bragging rights at Tank, a fabulous conversation-starter among thrill-seekers everywhere and the satisfaction of knowing you can handle death-defying wipeouts and get back up again. You will also be in a club that affords you certain perks and privileges while you stay at Paws Up.

Should you choose to take up the challenge, get ready. More exhilarating details to unfold soon.

Get rewarded for all the crazy things you do.