Skiing enthusiasts and adventurous guests looking for a new thrill have something to look forward to during their next visit to Paws Up: skijoring. Skijoring, a winter sport in which a skier is pulled by a horse or by dogs, is the newest winter wilderness adventure to be introduced at The Resort. It will join a stellar list of snowy activities such as dogsledding, ice skating and snowmobiling. Skijoring at Paws Up will have two trails: one course for training and the other to prepare for competitive skijoring. The trails will be located behind the Wilderness Outpost.

 The word skijoring is derived from the Norwegian word for “ski driving.” At Paws Up, horses will be utilized as part of the offered skijoring, and The Resort will provide all the necessary supplies, including skis, poles, boots, gloves, helmets and goggles—and the horses, of course—according to Paws Up Activities Director Mark Houseman. Activities Manager Kate Mayfield calls skijoring “a challenging, unique, exhilarating workout and a great way to rid the winter doldrums.” In the competitive version of the sport, Mayfield says that participants must navigate a series of gates, jumps and rings at very high speeds. The skijoring offered at Paws Up will be more low-key and targeted at introducing people to the sport for fun. Houseman says that skijoring is more popular in foreign countries, such as Finland, Norway, Russian and Sweden, but adds that Whitefish has hosted the sport’s world championships for several years now.
Watch: Skijoring at The Resort At Paws Up Winter 2017 (1:21)
Skijoring Rates
$220 per person Ages 12 and up Approx. 1.5 hours