Montana Horseback Riding Vacation

Time to cowboy up. From spectacular views of the legendary Blackfoot River and Jones’ Pond to sprawling meadows waiting to be explored and endless conifer forests, Paws Up features scenic equestrian experiences you won't get on any other Montana dude ranch horseback riding vacation. At The Resort, you’ll take in a wide-eyed gulp of the surrounding wilderness. Whether you’re an experienced rider or you’ve never been horseback riding before, you’ll lay eyes on historical and breathtaking sights during your unforgettable riding excursion. Trail rides, customized lessons for kids in Montana’s largest private equestrian center—the Saddle Club at Paws Up—and private advanced rides are all available. Or try your hand running and sorting cattle with an authentic cattle drive.

The Equestrian Program at Paws Up

The Resort at Paws Up is home to one of the most impressive and expansive equestrian programs in North America. We feature a wide selection of excursions including arena lessons, pony rides, private and group trail rides (from 1 to 6 hours), cattle drives, carriage rides, wagon team driving and the Junior Wrangler Program. Our newest additions are our mustang rescue program and its interactive workshop, Horsepower: Where Mustangs and Mindfulness Coexist, along with two thrilling sessions for those who want to make authentic and life-changing equine connections, Horse Whispering 101 and 201. Paws Up also developed the six-hour Frontiersman Ride for advanced riders to really stretch their legs.

The Frontiersman Ride—Advanced

Seasoned riders with a nose for adventure thirst for trails no one else has ridden. Which is why The Resort at Paws Up® created a ride that challenges horse and rider alike—the all-day Frontiersman Ride. Led by our equestrian in chief, Jackie Kecskes, or her head wrangler, this exhilarating ride takes you deep into Montana’s Big Sky Country. The scent of sage and Ponderosa pine beckon you well off the horseshoe-beaten path, where game trails open up to panoramic views that have changed little in hundreds of years. Make no mistake—this ride is customized for our competent riders. There are plenty of opportunities to lope (canter), climb rocky trails and cross crystal-clear creeks. By the time you dismount, you’ll know why this ride stands head and powerful shoulders above the rest.

Watch: Across the Blackfoot (01:29)
Montana Horseback Riding Rates
1-Hour Trail Ride
Available Year-Round

$135 per person

Ages 8 and up

1-Hour Private Trail Ride
Available Year-Round

$205 per person

Ages 6 and up

2-Hour Trail Ride
Available May 1–Oct. 31

$215 per person

Ages 8 and up

2-Hour Private Trail Ride
Available May 1–Oct. 31

$295 per person

Ages 6 and up

3-Hour Lunch Ride
Available May 1–Sept. 15

$295 per person

(with lunch on the trail)

Ages 8 and up

3-Hour Private Loping Ride
Available May 1–Oct. 15
$340 per person Ages 12 and up
All-Day Frontiersman Ride
(Approx. 6 hours)
Available June 1–Oct. 15
$660 per person
(with lunch on the trail)
Ages 16 and up
Evening Ride 
(sunset trail ride)
Available June 1–Sept. 15

$255 per person

(Approx. 3 hours)

Ages 13 and up