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Montana Horseback Riding

Time to cowboy up. From spectacular views of the legendary Blackfoot River to Jones’ Pond and the endless conifer forests, our Montana horseback riding adventures offer a wide-eyed gulp of the surrounding wilderness. We’ll send you off with your wrangler along the edge of a pristine meadow, where you’ll explore a trail forested with ancient Ponderosas as you rise to a ridge overlooking scenic Paws Up Ranch. Whether you’re an experienced rider or you’ve never been horseback riding before, you’ll lay eyes on sight after historical and breathtaking sight during your unforgettable riding excursion. Private trail rides, customized lessons for kids in Montana’s largest private equestrian center—the Saddle Club at Paws Up—and private advanced rides are all available. Or try your hand running and sorting cattle with an authentic cattle drive.

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Instructional Trail Ride

If you want to advance your horsemanship skills to the next level or if you have never been exposed to a horse before, we have the perfect one-hour program for you, whether your interest is in English or Western riding. We believe that the first step in horsemanship is to understand how a horse moves and thinks, and how you can adjust to move and think with it for mutual benefit. All of our instruction for adults is done on the trail in order to bring both horse and rider as close to our four-legged friends’ natural and comfortable state. With more than 100 miles of trails to choose from, your wrangler will make sure that you’re taking in all that Montana has to offer while growing yourself and your horse. From walking to trotting to maneuvering in tight patterns and loping, you’ll feel like a vaquero before you know it!

Montana Horseback Riding Rates
1-Hour Trail Ride $100 per person Ages 8 and up
1-Hour Private Trail Ride $150 per person Ages 6 and up
1.5-Hour Equine Obstacle Course $175 per person Ages 12 and up
2-Hour Trail Ride $150 per person Ages 8 and up
2-Hour Private Trail Ride $225 per person Ages 6 and up
3-Hour Lunch Ride
(with a stop for lunch in a meadow)
$200 per person Ages 8 and up
3-Hour Private Loping Ride $300 per person Ages 12 and up
All-Day Frontiersman Ride
(with lunch on the trail)
$600 per person
(Approx. 6 hours)
Ages 16 and up
Evening Ride
(a cocktail hour followed by a ride along the riverbank)
$200 per person Ages 21 and up