Foundational Horsemanship

There are no horse problems, only human ones.

My horse jigs. He doesn’t load well. He’s flighty, pushy, lazy, heavy on the forehand. He bucks. He walks all over me on the ground. If you’ve ever said any of these things about your horse, then Foundational Horsemanship is just for you.

All relationships could use a little therapy, and the one with your horse is no exception. Whether you need to break a few habits or just want to be a better partner, these two-hour sessions help experienced riders and their four-legged friends learn to feel comfortable and safe with each other.

Each lesson is geared toward the individual and the particular challenges you’re facing. So we may spend time on groundwork, in the saddle or both. With Foundational Horsemanship, you’ll bring back more than memories; you’ll return with the ability to mend fences and take your riding to the next level.
Foundational Horsemanship Rates
Approx. 2 hours $190 per person Ages 12+